Montecristo No 2 DIC 17 (PBRW)

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Forgot the factory code on this 3 pack but remember the date.  Definitely one of the lighter smokes I've had.  Lighter papery wrapper compared to most Montes but still some good flavors.  Starts off with good coffee notes and a hint of chocolate.  Not as much cream as I prefer but a bit more age should hopefully bring that out.  Other spices like cinnamon and nutmeg creep in and disappear from time to time.  A bit of a wonky burn and some relights are required at the midway point.  Each relight gives me some bitterness which is a bummer but it eventually corrects itself.  Finishes off with a smooth coffee flavor with just a hint of bitter chocolate.  More time should help round this one out, but I'm still enjoying the random peaks of flavors it gives me young.

A good solid staple for the humidor.  I shy away from sharing this one with people new to Cubans because it definitely gives me the "what's the big deal" reaction.  Still a good smoke but too inconsistent and not enough wow factor.

I value this at $9

Cuba ratio = 0.93

Cost ratio = 0.92


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