Partagas Serie P No 2 LGR MAR 18 (PBRW)

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My endless slog of grading continues.  This smoke follows a 2009 EL Bolivar Petit Belicoso so my expectations of joy are high but I need something a bit more standard after that rich chocolate bomb.  The P2 has been a solid performer even so young.  Dark and oily wrapper.  Great draw.

First light gives rich earthy tobacco flavors.  May be regular production but this is well above average.  Transitions to some light bbq spices and rich creamy coffee tones.  This is a heavy cigar (weight and flavor).  It puts out smooth volumous smoke and barely dents the stick.  This one lasts much longer than other sticks I've been enjoying lately.  Second third adds a little breadiness and the flavors subside for some standard rich tobacco flavors.  Creamy earth comes and goes.  Final third gives some more hints of paprika and a bit of tannic bitter coffee.  

A solid smoke the whole way through.  Very excited to see how this develops with more age, though I seem to being going through this box too quick to find this out.

I value this stick at $14

Cuba ratio = 1.71

Cost ratio = 1.55

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