Punch punch 2017 (CGDLRW)

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Excited for this review weekend, I’m pretty sure this is my favorite vitola. That perfect balance of wrapper/binder ratio. And the way it fits in my hand. Always feels just right 

This came from a 10 pack of tubos. Have been storing them out of the tubes .threw away the box a while ago and didn’t write down the code. 

Opens with a candy apple sweetness. Draw is exactly how I like it. Burn is flawless. Off to a promising start. Haven’t had one of these in months. still tasting apples but as the second third opens up, the flavors become warmer and sweeter almost like apple pie and tobacco. I can almost taste a pecan graham cracker crust. That signature Cuban flavor ( twang I guess?) begins to show its face as well . Burn and draw remain excellent. A peppery kick and develops halfway through.


Beginning of final third the cigar slips through my fingers and I accidentally pinch the cherry with two of my knuckles. Don’t think I burnt myself, hope the pinch doesn’t effect the flavor and burn. 


Good news! Flavor is still on point, getting more intense and rich as I smoke. Final third is balanced and nuanced. Sweet apples, savory and spicy creaminess dominate the final third. 


Went into this smoke with low expectations and was happily rewarded. I’ve never had a cigar that tasted so distinctly of apples. Was a welcomed treat. Running low, time to buy another box of these. 







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