Fonseca No 1 MOE OCT 2014 (CGDLRW)

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I will do 1/2’s for this review not thirds b/c it was really a tale of 2 1/2’s.

1st 1/2 very woody and tannic not the best ... better than the 1st from this box already but still not great. Dry boxed 4 days compliments of the Pres’s heads up. Burn and draw great and ash went from really dark on the 1st to a much better grey color on this one. 84-85



2nd 1/2  became what I believe this cigar should be. Creamy hay and earth. Coffee and medium to just over, and nice sweet tobacco with that  Cuban twang. Became very smooth and enjoyable with hints of spice to me.  I found myself wondering why the 2nd 1/2 was so much better after almost giving up after the first 1/3. I don’t have the answer as I am just a newb  what I do know for sure is the dry box is great advice. Thanks to all your comments and advice fellow members. 


2nd 1/2 90-92. Overall I would rate a 88-89. Solid smoke at a decent price point. Hopefully as they continue to age the whole stick is as strong as the 2nd 1/2. I guess time will tell.  Total smoke time 65 minutes. 

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