Paris Charles de Gaulle Terminal 1

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Hi guys

Anyone who knows the availability of cigars at the Duty free at CDG terminal 1? I have just been to terminal 2 on my previous visits. Does anyone knows what selection the Paris stores as LeLotus and A la Civette has of Regional releases?

Kind regards



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As of last week, la Civette only had Capitolios, no Punto 55, and obviously regular production.  Le Lotus also only had Capitolios, but had some 99-01 le Hoyo series and Monte Linea 1935. Can't speak to T1, but T2 AF gates had tons of Hoyo travel retail humidors, no regionals, nothing special.  My experience has been that luck has a lot to do with what's there any given day--last summer I found 10 boxes of Epicure #2 Reservas in CDG.

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