Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No 2 2018 (PRRRW)

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This was my first HDM, I added it from the FOH INT store as a single to a 24:24 order so I don't know the box date but I assume 2018. 



Light Colorado wrapper

No major veins, and overall appeared to be great construction 



Cedar / Barnyard


Cold Draw:

Same cedar / barnyard as the aroma. Unfortunately as I took the cold draw, the remaining cap slid right off. I was able to cut the wrapper and hoped the rest would hold throughout the smoke.





Knob Creek Rye with Violet Hour old fashion mix

1st Third:

Both bands were extremely loose and slid right off. I actually prefer the nudie look as I am not a fan of double bands, especially with regular production. immediately after lighting I got cedar and roasted tobacco flavors and fortunately the cap seemed to hold up well. There was good smoke output and the burn was great. Not razor sharp but as good as you can expect from a habanos.

After the first inch I got hay and mild cocoa notes, but not Monte cocoa. This was on the mild side of medium body. In hindsight, I should have gone with a milder pairing but I did like the contrast with the rye spice.

A retrohale brings white pepper, but again on the mild side. The end of the first third brings a sweetness I initially attributed to honey like flavor but not overpowering at all. 




2nd Third:

A slight crack in the wrapper at the burn line, but it was able to burn through with no issues as the ash stays well beyond the first third.

Peppercorn notes come in, but also sweet peppers as the previously honey sweetness comes through as vegetal. The cedar / hay finish continues and it's still mild - medium bodied. 

The ash finally falls off onto my face and shoulder as I tried to keep it holding on by smoking up in the air. A white shirt was a bad idea and I don't think I'll try this again!



Final Third:

The peppercorn intensifies, but otherwise still the same flavor profile but now medium bodied. I smoked this one to the nub and did get a nicotine hit, but not too much. The cap thankfully held on throughout the smoke.



I really enjoyed this blend and will be looking to try the Epicure No 1 as I prefer the corona gorda vitola. Overall, I'd give this a 94/100 as the flavor and great burn outweighed the cap issue. 

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