Montecristo Petit Tubos - ASR OCT 18 (MPCRW)

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Enjoyed this nice little smoke pre-dusk on the deck with a cold beer. Milk chocolate colored wrapper, no veins, tight seams. Cold draw was all chocolate and cream with a faint toasted marshmallow finish.


I'll review this cigar in halves instead of thirds because there was a significant transition at the halfway point.


First half: All chocolate and cream with a sweet earthy, toasted tobacco finish. The burn was razor sharp and the draw was a bit more firm than I prefer. This didn't effect the smoke output or flavour in any way however. Body is medium, no strength and lots of flavour.


Second half: Burn is still perfect. No touch-ups needed. Draw has opened up significantly and is producing lots of thick, creamy smoke. The flavors have changed to a bitter coffee and cedar. I also noticed an increase in strength. Not enough to match the body but I can feel it creeping in just a tad.


Overall a very enjoyable smoke which I will currently put at an 89. I'm sure a few years will work wonders.d473bbfc64693844093a193f7c4d2036.jpg


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