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Two Kenfessions for the price of one, today. A new one, and the one included in the recent newsletter--in case anyone missed it. Enjoy! 


Kenfessions – Partagas LE ‘Privada’ 2014/Yamazaki Single Malt 12 Years; Archie Rose Rum

By Ken Gargett.


Set myself up for a terrific evening with a big football game (fans in Australia will be well aware of the coaching swap between Souths and the Broncs in the NRL and the acrimony that went with it, so a real grudge match), a cracking cigar and a couple of sensational drinks. Well, the Broncs crapped the proverbial bed and the footy was a nightmare so forget that.

The cigar, the Partagas LE ‘Privada’ 2014, was a one-off in the humidor. It was a leftover from when Rob and I did them for a video (checked it out – RG3 was still playing for the Skins, so another lifetime). This one was put aside as it apparently looked like it might be too tight. It certainly wasn’t, but it had other problems. In other words, very ordinary footy game and a dud cigar. Thankfully, both spirits stepped up in a big way. 

Continue to full article here.



Por Larranaga RR Belicosos Asia Pacific 2008/Lagavulin 8-Year-Old, 12-Year-Old, 16-Year-Old.

By Ken Gargett.


Well, this is awkward. Apparently, this is the third time I have looked at the Por Larranaga RR ‘Asia Pacific’ Belicosos 2008 for Kenfessions. I had not realised that when I sat down with it the other evening. At least, the drinks have been different, so I should be getting it right soon. As the famous Ron Swanson says, “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing”. I think we can safely say that the PL RR Belicosos have been thoroughly whole-assed. Now might be a good time, again in the words of Ron, for me “to put some alcohol in my mouth to stop words coming out of it”.

Looking back, they have been variable but the good news is that recently, the ones from my box (EMA JUL 08) have been extremely good. This time, it came with a lovely pale russet wrapper, which looked good. An easy draw, this opened with attractive mild chocolate notes and cinnamon. Refined, mature, complex. There was a small hint of nougat and even some honey. As it moved through, the flavours evolved and developed. There was a lovely biscuity note which emerged. Then some delicious creamy notes. It was a little harsh on the finish but this is a cigar which still has legs. Early, I was thinking 94, then it kicked up to 96 with those creamy biscuity notes, but the harshness just took the edge off at the end, so back to 95. Nothing like that firm decisiveness. 

Continue to full article here.

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