Bolivar Petit Corona 2015 (BWRC)

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Decided to treat myself with a Cuban tonight. Picked out the only Bolivar Petit Corona in the humidor. Decided to pair it with a dram of Makers, neat.

This stick smells amazing. Used a punch and has a tight, spicy cold draw.

First third Spicy & leathery right out the gate. Fantastic. Clean easy light and good burn line. Surprised with the thick clouds of smoke that pour out. And it smells delightful.

Second third It's burning faster than I'd hoped. Maybe my fault, maybe the cigar. Either way, going down smoothly. The spice intensifies and the leather seems to fade, being replaced by some earthy tones. The spice is becoming more peppery, which I find enjoyable. It compliments the bourbon too.

Final third Not quite a pepper bomb but I did get a really peppery draw. More earthy tones, laced with a little bit of creaminess, rounded off with some pepper. The burn has slowed down to normal pace, so I'm able to enjoy it for longer. Smoked it down to the nub.

Final thoughts Quite enjoyed this as a start to the weekend. Would smoke another given I get more. 



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Looks like your '15 BPC had a lot more spice than my '17 had!  Nice review!  I'll PM you about possibly doing a trade for a few of my BPCs if you're interested.

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