Bolivar Royal Corona Msu Jun 18 (BWRC)

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This is my first review. I got this cigar thanks to a trade with @MigsG. Great guy by the way!

I dry boxed it for three days in my travel humidor. 

I used a straight cut. Pre light draw was barnyard and cedar. Construction and draw were perfect.

First third I was picking up spice, wood ,and coffee.

Second third was toast, coffee, and cocoa.

Final third was leather, dark chocolate, and the Cuban twang.

Overall I would rate this cigar a 93. I haven’t had a Bolivar in about a year. My last one was in Playa Del  Carmen Mexico, it was a corona jr. from LCDH in town. I really enjoyed this cigar and I’m adding it to my list of boxes to buy. 

I paired it with a cup of French press blonde roast. It was a nice pair with this cigar.







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Great first review, my friend! Sounds like you enjoyed that BRC!

I'm glad to hear it performed well, they are delicious, aren't they? I think it's a must have in a monthly rotation. 



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