Bolivar Royal Coronas 2009 (BWRC)

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Appearance was nice, glossy sheen which was appealing.


Aroma, fresh smell of cinnamon and spice.


1/3 - began with cinnamon and a slight spice that was pleasant. This lasted approximately 10/15 minutes or so, with the spice dropping off. After that the issues began. There was no visible issue with construction. Pull was good not to open or tight. But, the cigar kept going out even after super quick pulls. For whatever reason, it would not stay lit. I fumbled with this for the next 15 minutes while trying to keep this going, no such luck.

I eventually abandoned ship and gave up.

Now I've had other bolivares from the same box without issue, I'm hoping this was a one off dud.


Overall - 20/100 due to the issues above.


From memory the previous bolivares I've experienced where great. So rather than deter me I will have another go round next time.


Thanks for stopping by and reading my review.




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