Bolivar Royal Corona Tubo ETP DIC 16 (BWRC)

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Appearance: 7/10 - Dark thick wrapper, very red hue to it, sort of like clay. A rustic look overall with some veins and what looks like a double cap. Not much pre-light aroma but the cold draw is all gingerbread. Sweet and spicy.


Taste: 32/35


1/3 starts with a combination of cinnamon spices, leather, sweetness and earth in that order. Aroma off the foot is all gingerbread. Medium bodied.


2/3 earth, cinnamon spices, leather, sweetness in that order. Not much transition but the notes are getting richer and the body is picking up to the upper end of medium.


3/3 earth and leather are dominant now with some very dark bitter chocolate in the background. Sweetness is present on the finish and the retro which gives a nice roundness to the profile. Definitely medium-full bodied, just touching full bodied as I wrap up.


Construction: 23/25 - cap clips neatly. Toasted up easily. Burn is fine to start. Draw is a tad on the open side but acceptable. About 1” in the wrapper doesn’t want to burn and the cigar goes out. I tap the ash to find a little bit of tunneling. After that the cigar performed much better, the burn was a little wonky but I only had to give it one minor touch up in the last third. All in all it was a well made cigar.


Overall: 27/30 - delivered very well in the flavor department, which is what matters most. Construction was good except for going out early on, cigar performed well after that. Final smoke time 1:05




89 Points on my arbitrary cigar-o-meter



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