Vegueros Entretiempos unsure boxcode or year (VVL)

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So I accumulate things.  Much to my wife's dismay.  The bar cart is chockablock with different bottles of gin I'm testing, bourbons out the wazoo, etc.  I have (according to her) far too many books, and there's "too much clutter" in my office.  The problem is I see cool things and I want them.  That's what the tin of Vegueros was like when I first saw it.  Unfortunately the first place I saw a tin and could pick up a cigar was in Israel, so I paid FAR too much for a single entretiempo.  No tin yet, alas.  Also, after turning and looking and poking and prodding, I'll be damned if I ever did find a box code or date stamp on these.  If anyone has any ideas, you can check the old LCDH bar in the Hotel Intercontinental in Tel Aviv :)

Good construction.  The band is just so different, I can't tell if I like it or not.  Everything about these seems like it's from the future, or the future as we envisioned it in 1987.  Standard for me V cut, good draw, no tunnels or uneven burning.  Good flavor, not too strong, and I swear I get a hint of peanut in this.  Mostly the old toasted tobacco, my palate isn't good, but I swear after a bit I sat up and said peanut.  YMMV.  Fatter than I'm used to now, but overall good size, good smoke, and good cigar.  Unsure I'd run out to stock up on Vegueros, but I WILL get one of those damn tins to put on my office desk one of these days.  I wouldn't smoke this on a special occasion, but it's not bad for what it is. 





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1 hour ago, MountainMilG said:

That's where I thought they were, but I didn't see it.  The bar was VERY dark though.

I want to say that my tin of Tapado's,  the date code was on a small white piece of paper at bottom. 15576828638081812038460.thumb.jpg.81c97547546a66623696907df38d61cd.jpg

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