Sancho Panza Belicoso Unknown Date (SSTRW)

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After yesterday’s disappointing La Punta I decided to try another first. This cigar did not disappoint. It had flawless construction and burn! 

Pre-light: wrapper is pale but has a nice light sheen, draw is perfect and taste of hay and barnyard. 

First third: opening notes taste of wood and tea leaves. Shortly after becoming wood and cream. 

Second third: still wood and cream with perhaps a slight nutty after taste. Reminds me of putting a wooden coffee stirrer in my mouth after having stirred in my cream. Truly a delight.

Final third: beginning to taste bitter like a build up of tar so slower draws are a must, causing one relight. Cream has faded but still getting dry wood. 


Score: 90

while some would call this cigar one dimensional or lacking complexity I quite enjoyed it. It’s a great smoke that doesn’t demand to much attention to enjoy. I was however disappointed I didn’t find the salt everyone talks about, I was very eager to experience that flavor in a cigar. I still have several left so I’ll see how they come along.  





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