Fake Cuban Rum?

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I heard a rumour about a certain rum costing 11 CUC was actually the same as a another rum costing 7 CUC.  A friend who is a barman told me this.  Then I heard it again from a mate who lives there. 

It crossed my mind as to what else were they doing with rums. 

Has anyone else heard rumours like this. Better still, has anyone got some firm evidence? Two Cuban mates doesn't make it gospel. 



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 Haven’t heard stories about that specifically but isn’t it all fake (made in Spain)? ?  I have heard that bartenders extend Rum with water and it’s very common.  I actually believe this happened to me once at club Habana (of all places). I saw the bartender pour it too but proof seemed way too low. ( being able to detect proof is one of the many talents of which my wife is not too proud)

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