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Good draw, good rich ra flavors at cold.  First one I'm trying and really excited. Starts off with standard toasted bread, baking spices and some hints of stone fruit.  I really dont like stone fruit so the subtlety is amazing without turning me off. Really compliments the other flavors

2nd third develops some mild tannic bitterness.  Only for a like 5 min so I get to know it has more time to develop with without being punished today.  Retro gets into some very pleasant whole breadiness which I love. Has a lot of the character I expect from a ssc but more refined.  Makes sense since the price is more and I'm glad its smoking this way.

Final third mellows out to some sweet cinnamon and stone fruit.  Little cakiness. Kinda like pie crust with a bit of filling. Retro ramps up to a pepper.  Some mild citrus aftertaste lingers on my pallet. This has been smoking beautifully with a bunch of evolution.  By far the best RA I've smoked. Cant wait to see how it develops with age.


I value this stick at $14.00

Cuba value: 2.43

Cost value: 1.27

(Ratings are based on a ratio of value/cost. 1.00 means I value it the same as it cost.  Less means it wasn't worth the purchase. More means it was a deal.)

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