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The Story: Ramon Allones has always been a bridesmaid marca for me. I like them all well enough, but when it comes time to buy a box, I always see something I like more for around the same price. Its hard to do reviews on cigars you feel lukewarm about, there isn't much to say and RA has a profile I find hard to pin down. I spent the first 20 minutes of this short cigar trying to pin down the profile and I'm still not sure I quite found it.

Construction and performance: This cigar had a smooth colorado claro with a light sheen. Not bad looking, but not amazing either. Draw and construction were excellent, it held 2 inches of ash at one point. I feel like I have had better rolled cigars in the past couple of years. Smoke time was a little over an hour.

Profile: I found the opening of this cigar to be pretty 'baking spices' heavy. gingerbread and nutmeg and dried cranberries. It looses some sweetness in the middle, with some dray chocolate and earthy notes coming in.

Evaluation: In the beginning, I might have confused it for a SCdlH El Principe, towards the end I might have confused it for a Bolivar CJ. It lasted almost as long as a robusto and didn't cost hardly anything more than a RG Pearla. Its hard to complain about that. Ignoring the value, I'd give it an 80, but that isn't fair. For the price, its a 87, with room to hit 90 if it ages well.


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