Punch Punch GOS OCT 17 (PQDRW)

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Firm draw with a toothy veiny wrapper.  Not very oily but beautiful stick.  Dry draw has sour lemon and hay flavors.

Starts with mellow earthy tones and a sweet first hit.  Continues with hints of toasted bread and smoked almonds with a salty after taste.  Builds on this with some cakey donut flavors and transitions to graham crackers.  Little bit tight on the draw but very pleasant smooth flavorful hits.  I debate using the perfect draw but dont go through the effort.  Glad I dont as it opens up by the middle.

Littles bits of creamy sweetness come and go in the middle.  Retrohale has a light pepper that is quite pleasant.  Lemon aftertaste mixed with salt.  After the midpoint it loses the variety and sticks to standard toasty tobacco.  Great flavor but nothing special.

Final comes back with a nutty cakey flavor.  Like a vegan peanut butter cookie (in a good way) it has a dry finish with lots of character but not too heavy on the sweetness or cream.  Finishes with the classic toasty tobacco.

Great staple for the humidor.  Classic punch punch.  I got a good deal on these and glad I got 2 boxes sitting.  One to age, one to work through and share.


I'd value this at $10.50

Cuba rating - 1.45

Cost rating - 1.50

Ratings are based on a ratio of value/cost. 1.00 means I value it the same as it cost.   Less means it wasn't worth the purchase.  More means it was a deal

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