Punch punch RAE AGO 15 ( PQDRW )

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This stick is from a 50 cab and the 1 of my last 3. 

The wrappers light brown with a greenish hue to it that would probably send me looking for another stick, but this cab has been outstanding, I know better.

1st 3rd starts out with a bready/ biscuit sweetness and smooth tasty tobacco. Smoke production, draw, and burn are about as perfect as I could hope for. The texture of the smoke is smooth, creamy, and rich, very enjoyable 3rd! ....oh the 50 cab!!! ??

Into the 2nd 3rd I'm kinda surprised how all the edges are off this cigar which seems to be pushing a creamy sweet flavor, matching the texture, to the front. A retrohale brings up a touch of pepper spice and balances the profile. 

Really digging retrohales on this smoke. 

Last 3rd sees a sour (like sourdough) note come in and the sweet cream develope into a baking spice with more earthy pepper. Utterly satisfies the cigar craving. I am starting to think this cigar is replacing the bolivar PC  for me as my favorite Cuban (this has been a reaccuring thought as I've smoked the last 20 sticks from this cab, lol) 

Outstanding offering from hsa! I wish I had 100 of these 50 cabs to last me into old age ....just a middle aged memory now. Thanks for reading the review (my 1st I believe) and thanks Rob for the inspiration. I think i focused more on this cigar than any other (still cant pick flavors out to save my life) and it brought me a new way of enjoying the smoke.

Cheers, Ben 




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