Punch Double Corona 2002 (PQDRW)

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I received this 2002 Punch DC as a birthday gift a few months ago from a fellow BOTL. My first experience with a double corona of any sort, so I was really pumped when I got one with such age on it. Last night was a nice night here in the Northeast US, plus a review comp, what better reason to smoke it?




Really an impressive looking cigar. It’s big, but the proportions are perfect. It feels very comfortable in hand. The wrapper is silky smooth, medium brown in color with some flat veins. Triple cap is well done of course. A very faint cedar aroma at cold, not giving up many of her secrets just yet. I clip the cap, draw feels a little snug but I’m afraid to use the draw tool on a 17 year old cigar so I fire up and hope for the best.


First Impressions: Opens up mild-medium with a pretty generic cedar tobacco. Draw seems to be ok although smoke output is thin, but I am not worried because of the sheer size of this cigar. Very easy and delicate smoke early on.


1/3: She is now giving up a good amount of smoke with just a tad of extra effort. Very mild-medium bodied and unassuming though. Smooth as heck. Easy to retro, just very easy to smoke. As I get about 2” into the cigar it is opening up and developing nicely with a very dominant tart note up front, followed by a creamy finish with just a touch of lingering pepper in the background.




2/3: Picks up where the first third left off. Tart, creamy, slight pepper finish. Super silky smooth!! Construction is impeccable - burn line is razor sharp, draw is now fine, smoke production is picking up with each draw I take. As I progress through the middle of the cigar, the body picks up to medium. The tartness goes away and the cigar is showing off a very tasty smooth cedar tobacco note, with the very slight pepper finish still there just to keep things exciting.


3/3: This cigar is just on autopilot. So far it is not a flavor bomb and it is not super complex. What it is, however, is very very classy and very very tasty. This last third is by far the most complex though with buttery creaminess, that tart coming back, and the pepper finish all seeming to be like an orchestra coming into the finale of an epic performance. Each performer is hitting on their notes perfectly and all at full tilt. I smile and smoke this as far as I can go. Just wow.


In conclusion, two words describe this cigar: elegant and smooth. That’s it. This was an effortless smoke that kept my attention for a full 2 hours. I was amazed at the perfect construction and performance of this stick that was rolled while I was still in high school. I have no other Punch DC to compare it to, but what a great experience this was.





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