Montecristo Dantes LE2016 unknown code (MRW)

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The weather finally helped and give me the opportunity to try this. For the MRW, decided to go with a Dantes that was part of a sampler I got two years ago and had been resting in one of the singles humidors


It was paired with red wine, a Mexican Nebbiolo from Guadalupe Valley which created some clashes as it may not had been the best combination, enough about that.


The Dantes started very Woody, with lots of cedar and a hint of cream in the retrohale. After a few puffs the creamy character started to ramp up and dominated the flavors. I was somehow concerned, since I could not detect changes in the profile until halfway through the cigar, where white pepper appeared o counterbalance the creaminess.


The cedar returned for the last third and was a little too much of a repeat of the starting flavors.


Last time I tried one of these was about a year ago, and it was too cedary and unidimensional, this time the creamyness was there for at least half of it, I believe that one more year will do wonders for this LE. Looking forward to it.



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