Montecristo 4 : LSU MAR 08’ (MRW)

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Monte 4 LSU MAR 08’

Bought a box off a locker sale.  About 5th out of box and they have been marginal.

Left Hand Milk Stout and coffee as my beverage options.  


Looks like a decent enough smoke pre-light.  Nice wrapper.  Have to use modus upon testing draw and I get it working.  


First third has been not so good with this box and they finish stronger.  No different here.  Burn is good from start and remains as such.  Molten chocolate turning bitter.  Not a fan of the bitter.  


Classic spices coming into play and they get better until the very end.   Same story as last time.  Not so much chocolate. 


Being a big fan of HUPC, this falls short. It has a similar effort (less the choc start) but doesn’t rival.  Sucks they cut out such a good stick in HUPC. At any rate, my 2014 M4’s are better but who knows, maybe I’ll hit a few that change my mind with the 20 remaining from the box. I’m not without inspiration.  I make a Cubano for dinner. 


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