Wineador drawer options?


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I have not ordered from him, but there is another individual out there. His name is John and he started building drawers a couple years ago and has quite a following. The one major difference between him and Forrest is the communication. He schedules out his builds and shares status as things progress.

I have used Forrest for a build a few years ago with no complaints and went with him again back in August for some trays. Nothing custom, just basic trays listed on his site. I was told they would ship end of August and I have not received them and have not received any responses to my emails asking for status. Not trying to start a thread bashing Forrest, just relaying my experience. 

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Make sure your newair is squared away before you invest in drawers. They can be finicky at times. I used Forrest for my drawers about 4-5 years ago. Craftsmanship and communication was top notch. I would use him again if needed. 

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What non custom aftermarket drawers and shelves are you guys using? I’m looking at a newair cc300 ready to go or a a whynter. CWC-351D. I’ve spotted basically a CWC351D super cheap locally but with only the wine racks. Wanted to get drawers and shelves to fit.


Whynter CWC-351D specs

7.1 x12 inches


what I see on amazon is

7.5 x 12.5 inches

7 x 12 inches 

but when I click on the owner manual for the new air it goes to a magic chef refrigerator. So I couldn’t find the specs. 


Do you have one of these models? Could you link to a shelf and drawer that work for you in it? Thanks. 

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