Diplomaticos No. 2 unknown box code (DEFJ review weekend)

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I picked this up with a bunch of other singles from our host.  It's been a long time since I've smoked a dip.  Here goes:

20190309_074047.thumb.jpg.3ddbdaf62fca9332d8688b1882e55903.jpg1/3 Light toasted tobacco, cream, caramel macchiato.

Tunnel and tough draw, bummer.  

Dense, coffee, not twangy, some floral notes.  Luxurious.

2/3 Not particularly complex, but enjoyable.  Draw has thankfully opened up.

Deeper coffee notes.  Colombian coffee, salty notes, semisweet chocolate.

Just over medium.  Rich.

3/3 Bell pepper, heavy cream.  It's starting to fall apart at this point, but that's the risk with winter smoking.  I'm still enjoying this cigar.  

Would I smoke again? Absolutely.  Would I buy a box?  Maybe.  My struggle is that they are so closely priced to the Monte #2 which is my favorite cigar.  Perhaps the dip 2 is the sisyphus of cigars, forever rolling the stone up the hill but never quite reaching the top.  

Score: 89

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