Cohiba Siglo I SGA OCT 16 (CWRC)

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Cohiba Siglo I SGA OCT 16 (CWRC)


63RH 18C

I grabbed the first Cohiba I came across in my smoking humidor, and it was this Siglo I. It came from a very disappointing box, nearly half of which were badly underfilled. This one did not have any soft spots, so I was hoping for better things this time.

Light sweet tobacco on cold draw, which is quite open.

First Third 

Smooth voluminous smoke .Wavy burn.

Mainly just a nice tobacco taste with a little black coffee in the background and a little white pepper on the tip of the tongue.

Medium body, and the ash was very white.

Second third 

That Cohiba grassiness appears and the smoke takes on a more creamy texture, and the tobacco taste is less. Quite nice for a while before the tobacco again dominates, with the grassiness left more as an aftertaste.

Final third 

Several touch ups needed to this point to keep it on track, and the strength-o meter needle is well into the full body area as this third begins.

Strong tobacco dominates with a hint of white pepper like in the first third. 

At the 40m mark, the cigar decided it had given all the pleasure it could (which to be fair wasn't much) and it turned bitter and started to fall apart.

Verdict: This cigar was just about ok. Burn was wavy and the taste was dominated by tobacco, although you could tell it was quality tobacco. 

My score 6/10.




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