Cohiba Robusto 2016/2017  (CWRC )

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picked this out from my singles tupperdor for this review. i got a few of these from sometime early last year so i figure box code would be 16/17.


punch cut and the cold draw is sweet hay and tobacco. 1st draw echoes the cold draw and brings forth a slight cream and sweet tobacco. grass notes come and go and theres dabs of honey.


2nd third brings more of the same as above but a citrus note fades in. the grass notes are gone but the soft cream remains. theres not quite a lemon grass that ive had with other cohibas but rather a faint citrus. i had some tangerines after dinner so im wondering if that's affecting what im tasting now.


last third the soft cream and citrus note fades and whats left is toasted tobacco and some wood notes.


cohiba, as a marca, really seems to be hit or miss for me. i dont have a lot of experience with the marca and dont think that what it offers justifies the price point. maybe the ones ive had just needed more age or i may just have had bad luck. i do acknowledge, however, that when they're on, it becomes a top 5 cigar experience. my best coro experience was probably a 93-94. this particular one scored a 82 for me.c8d15535350c6d9ea9e09c70d119a44e.jpg365b99fde01c72e444d4dcce467aa825.jpgebf10bb5c147ab17dbf3d575faa4691a.jpg


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