Bolivar No. 1 Tubo MSU JUN 17 (BWRC)

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I had forgotten that I had these. I was originally going to review the BBF which I quite enjoy. There's a malted flavor I quite enjoy.


Unfortunately, I got none of that here. There cold draw was interesting. There was a flavor that I couldn't place. It took a while, them I thought of some dried plums. Yes that was it. Amazing! Then my wife said, "you mean prunes?". Suddenly, I was trying to think of another fruit....


The first light was earthy. It was not incredibly strong. Just enough to noticed it. This is not one of my favorite flavors, so I was hoping this wasn't going to last and was happy that it was feint. But this was the dominant flavor for the first third.


The second third brought on a bit of leather. Again, it was a light touch. Just lingering over the tongue. I will say, the flavors did have a long finish. Lasting longer than I was expecting given how mild the flavors were.


Last third brought on some spice! Very unexpected. This came on much stronger than the earth and leather before. This was the way that the smoke ended.


In the end, I had some mixed feelings about the cigar. I wanted BBF, but got something quite different. I'm a fan of bigger bolder flavors, and this is something more muted. Would I be exited to smoke another anytime soon? No. Did I hate it? No. But now I'm wondering if this is the best it will get. If it's true that she will only further reduce the flavors, then maybe they need to be smoked now. But I'm hoping the flavors meld more as time goes on and will develope into something more nuanced and complex. 79dab516026f8e0ada5223db18f09f1d.jpg88e79802bdd599217b9fcb5faeb63fc8.jpg


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