Greetings from Gothenburg - Sweden!


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Hello everyone!

I joined this forum 1-2 months ago and unfortunately I totally missed the part where I should introduce myself. But I guess better late than never :)

This forum have been without doubt the best thing that could ever happen for my cigar journey. So much valuable information. And the 24:24 is priceless! 

A huge thank you to all the staff and members.

Well who am I?

I'm a 26y old pharmacy student who live in Sweden (lived here for the last 23years). Originally from Palestine but born in Germany. (International). So I speak : swedish, Arabic, English and German. Swedish being my strongest language and German my weakest. But still good enough to speak German only in Germany. 

I tried my first cigar 2011 and it wasn't a hit. Dry and tasted like paper. Maybe because it was dry and never saw a humidor for the last 2 years before I smoked it. 

A few months ago I decided to try a cigar again. I was out fishing and suddenly I felt like this day would be perfect with a cigar. I ended up digging deeper and deeper into the cigar jungle until I found my love. Cuban cigars. For the last 3 months I've only smoked cubans and this seems like a life long journey. So interesting to try new cigars all the time.

My absolute favourite for now is: montecristo Especial. With some age. Perfect. Just perfect!

Thanks for reading and see you around :)



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