SSS-WRC: RyJ LCDH Cedros Deluxe interrupted review

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Don’t recall seeing when the contest ends so I’ll post this up.    I’d planned to do it last night, but my car had another idea...

Had a Super day yesterday.  Wife cranked up a pot of her famous chili.    And a family recipe for shrimp dip is a SSS staple and the only day of the year she makes it.  I saw aomeone mention jalapeño poppers on IG so I chugged to the store and grabbed a handful of those as well.  Made the wife a Cosmo 3 min before that Stella commercial aired (We laughed and laughed...), made myself a Manhattan and we watche’d the game. 





And then I had to drive out of town for work   I’d picked out a RyJ Cedros LCDH prior for my road trip. Circa 2015, but the complete code escapes me....  Perfect wrapper.  Just a slight give to the stick... seemed well rolled.  Cut, lit (the cigar, not me:  It was a small Manhattan) and hit the road.   


Immediate blast of RyJ sweet/tart flavor laced with cedar notes.  Copious smoke production.  Dead-on perfect draw.  It was going to be a good drive.  Got to the 1/3 mark and something’s reminded me of a bakery, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.  The afore mentioned flavors continue along with a razor sharp burn.   

And then the car lurched, the cruise control canceled, the check engine light came on and the gas pedal did nothing any more.  Dammit....  ?  Here we go....  

Coasted to a slower speed and tried the gas.   We accelerated.  Eased on up the freeway further and the car lurched again and coasted.   I know what it is.   It’s just a PITA, and no parts houses were opened at that point.  I’d JUST left one after picming up an alternator to carry with me.  The “charge” light popped on temporarily twice the day before.  I could a got what I think I need then, but no....   it had to be 45 minute later....  Anyway, I had to limp back home and get another ride so i could make it to work.   Can’t smoke in the other car or my wife and daughter would be displeased.  Besides, I hate the car, and being uncomfortable doesn’t enhance a smoking experience. I rushed through the remaining stick, cut it shorter than I normally do especially when it’s a good cigar and transferred all my gear to our Corrola for the drive back.  120 miles took me 3 hours.  Painful....

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