Diplomaticos No.2 TOS OCT 16 FFR

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This is probably my favourite no2 and it did not disappoint. I picked up this box in Cuba a few years ago and was extremely surprised when I opened the box to see the dark oily wrappers.


I paired this with some high test bourbon which I knew wasn’t the greatest idea for the cigar but good to keep me warm in my garage with my space heater. It was -8C outside but certainly a little warmer in my smoking lounge



This sample had a perfect draw and the construction, burn and performance was top notch.

I think dips are so unique, very toasty and this was all bread in the first and second thirds.

Medium bodied and it certainly picked up in intensity in the final third. Bread, nutty flavours that seemed to taste like almonds. 7ee836ec2c209f84c4b44012f59757a2.jpg

It was tough to put this down as it was easy a 93-94 point cigar. I only hope the rest from the box will deliver like this one. f93e8f31f5012c4a877c42df1aed8f25.jpg



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