Diplomaticos #2 TOS Feb 17 FFR

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About a year ago there was a seam of Dip 2’s on 24:24 that were intensely dark and oily, and had everyone in a frenzy. I lucked out and scored a box, with the intent to let some age set in. But they just look sooo delicious, the occasional core sample is a must. Last night I plucked the 3rd cigar from the box and set fire to it, and oh boy they’re definitely coming around nicely.

These iPhone photos don’t really capture just how oily these are.

Draw and burn are just perfection, construction is flawless. Flavors are pretty intense but well balanced. Time should be very kind to this box.

There is immediately a warm breadiness, with some hickory and cinnamon spices, and just a perfect hint of sweetness. A really beautiful mixture. These basic flavors remain throughout, with a steady improvement in the way they meld together right to the end. In this sense, the cigar has nice complexity to it, even at this young age. Now I only wish I’d gone deeper on this box code.




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