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This seems like a great and active community. Not sure what I can provide other than a mutual love for delicious cigars. The forums are clearly comprised of folks that want to help others and love cigars. 

I have been an active cigar smoker for about 5 years. I consider active to mean you keep some kind of maintained humidor. I’ve been smoking Cuban cigars almost exclusively since having been exposed, about 3 years. For me, the flavor is unbeatable. The color came on during the wizard of oz.

First I learned Cuban cigars are fussy. They like lower humidity almost across the board. But even budget Cubans that most would say are one dimensional taste better to me than highly rated Nicaraguan or Honduran smokes. Personal preference, I don’t begrudge anyone’s subjective taste. But I can tell you my collection burns very well at about 60% humidity, whereas a Padron will burn flawlessly at 70%-72%. Took me a year to learn. 

I probably have 300-400 cigars I maintain across a wood humidor and a converted wine fridge. Most boxes are relatively new, ‘16 or ‘17. I’ve got a lot of favorites and some that people rave about that I really don’t like. Part of the process I guess. I’d love to trade at some point with someone that likes something like ERDM Choix Supremes for virtually anything else. Just one of those boxes that I don’t personally enjoy.  

Great to sign up and I look forward to interacting with everyone. 


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