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First off, thanks for the acceptance to the group. I have followed FOH for years, typing in various “cigar problems” on Google search, and a lot of those questions I had have been answered through this group. Thank you. I would appreciate any help with this one:

Have a Newair CC-300, 2lbs Heartfelt beads, drain hole not plugged. I have been very pleased with it. Holds humidity right at 65% RH. Sits on a sturdy side table about 3 feet off the floor.

PROBLEM: I live in the Midwest, summers are hot and winter is usually brutal. I bought this wineador to keep temps down during the summer. Well, now winter is upon us, and I am worried about low temp in the wineador. 

I have read threads on here in relation to this topic, but needed further clarification. 

In the summer, temp is a pretty constant 65F.

In the winter, it can get down to 55F at night. Maxes out at about 62F during the day. It is 30F outside today. In the house, 64F.

I have tried different things: blanket over the wineador (doesn’t help), sitting the wineador on a side table (does help a bit, raises it off the cold carpeted floor), keeping door to the room it’s in open all day for better ambient heat circulation (also seems to help).

My wife and I (mainly my wife) does not want to keep the house at 65-70F all night/during the day, due to costs. Obviously that would help bring the temp up in the wineador.

QUESTION: Am I in trouble with a 5-7 degree variance at night compared to day? Am I in trouble with the temp getting down to the mid 50s at night? My main concern is a beetle problem. NOTE: I do freeze every cigar that is in my wineador. 

Thank you all in advance!


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