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Hey All - and Happy New Year!  2019 feels like a banner year already.  I'm Ryan, currently calling Atlanta home.  Originally from California (not by choice, and yes, I have been in several large earthquakes) but have been in ATL long enough to call myself a native.  I prefer keeping my feet on solid ground, though we experienced a very small quake here a few weeks ago.  Go figure.  I got into cigars roughly a year ago but had great troubles finding NC's that I consistently enjoy.  I ended up settling on Fuente but needed more.  Glad I stumbled across this site.  It has been incredibly helpful already.and I look forward to this journey and experiences with what seems like a great group of people.  In just over a week my first orders here have been have been JL sel 1, Partagas SP, RyJ Wide Churchill, Upmann Mag 46, HDM epi 1, and some of the '16 punch punch.  I've had a few singles from other sources, but am far more interested in getting into what I have ordered from here.  Anyways, Cheers!


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