First Trailer for Netflix’s ‘Close’


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First Trailer for Netflix’s ‘Close’ Sees Noomi Rapace Doing Work as a Bodyguard

It’s a rare thing to watch a trailer for an action-thriller with a female lead, though luckily these days it’s becoming more and more common. Films like Lucy, Widows, and Atomic Blonde have picked up where contemporary classics like Aliens and Terminator 2 left off. Now, continuing that trend on the worldwide phenom that is Netflix, is Close, an action-thriller that stars Noomi Rapace in a role that could as easily have been written for Liam Neeson or [insert male action-thriller lead here.]

And yet, the first trailer for Close shows off just what sort of tone (physically and mood-wise) Rapace brings to the role. Writer-director Vicky Jewson (Born of War) shepherds this female-driven flick that centers on Rapace’s hardened and highly competent security expert who is tasked with protecting a young, rich heiress (Sophie Nelisse). When the plan goes awry, as they often tend to do in these movies, they’ll have to unravel a mysterious conspiracy if they hope to survive. The plot may sound familiar, but Close, available to stream on Netflix starting January 18th, promises to be worth a watch for Rapace’s performance and to see what women both in front of and behind the camera can bring to the genre.

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You forgot Kill Bill, and Jackie Brown, though a bit artsy and cult-like, but still bad assed lady action stories.

I’m glad to watch female Superhero movies which are much the same as the action movie genre with just as ridiculous storylines and plots but I’ve liked Wonder Woman, Ultraviolet, Electra and of course the female X-men and characters without which the story could not be told. X-men first class introduced us to the female mutant right as Charles Xavier was still a boy.

It will be interesting to see where this goes. It’s better or at least as good to see stuff like this given the same chances as “The unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” and “Orange is the new black.”

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