Last Kenfessions for 2018: Por Larranaga Belicosos Extra RR Asia Pacific 2008/ Flor de Cana 25-Year-Old Rum

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Por Larranaga Belicosos Extra RR Asia Pacific 2008/ Flor de Cana 25-Year-Old Rum - by Ken Gargett.

Was talking to Rob about these cigars, as did the comparison for Kenfessions recently and loved it. I’ve not always had such luck. Rob was very positive on them, suggesting that they simply needed time. Well, a decade seems fair.

This isn’t the first time these smokes have featured in Kenfessions. Over a year ago, I matched one with a fave Kiwi beer, the Emerson’s Hefe-Weizenbier Dunkelweiss. The beer was great, the afternoon with a couple of wonderful books superb, but it was all rather let down by a very disappointing smoke. And looking back, my notes for this cigar, from this box – the Por Larranaga Belicosos Extra RR Asia Pacific 2008 (19/7400) (EMA Jul 08) – have widely varied. Had two from the box, when first opened, in March 2017. One was the proverbial dog; the other stellar, with caramel, creamy coffee and a little white chocolate.  Sweet, sweet cream. A few months later, another dud and then took one on the annual fishing trip that year. It was okay. So all over the place and I had not tried one since then. Scores, for what it is worth, were 84, 94, 86 and 89.

I’m hoping that what the one the other evening gave me will now be standard – it was a cracker – but in all honesty, this box has been so variable, hard to believe more surprises are not ahead. 

This one?... Continue to the full article here.

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