San Cristóbal la Fuerza (2017/18) 12DCRC

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Dipping in to the Christmas Sampler again, chose the San Cristobal La Fuerza because I've yet to have a San Cristobal.  Good construction, with the exception of one corner of leaf just under the band that had come up a bit (check pic 3).  Debated sipping some Yamazaki, but wound up pairing with nothing, just smoking the cigar.

Used a guillotine cut, I've been veering back to it after using V cut for awhile now.  I think it definitely helped on the draw, in fact that's my overwhelming tasting note for this - light, airy, fluffy.  I see why it's described as pancake now, when I think of light and airy and fluffy, that's what I think of.  Little bit of molasses, but not much.  Pretty consistent, in the middle perhaps a bit of toasted rye, but fluffy pankcakey goodness.

Rain caught me towards the end, so finished in garage, then went to friends for drinks and dinner and a hand rolled custom.  A good night overall.  I'm going to keep an eye on 24:24 for SC and try some more pancakes this year.






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