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Howdy folks,

Old post: 


So basically I bought a Cybercool 28 Bottle. I bought beads (Heartfelt, HCM) and i also installed 4 fans on the top and bottom of the unit. I also bought a Cigar Oasis humidifier. I also had shelves and drawers made by John, his work is second to none.
I also bought Boveda packs because I was worried that beads wouldn't do the job.

The story up until that point was the humidity was holding ok I wasn't pleased and I basically stopped caring. It was winter and the humidity was in the acceptable range for me (62 - 68). Temperature was fine due to an external temperature controller.

Along comes summer and the unit cools a lot more often, and with just beads (because the oasis is crap) humidity was dropping into the 50's. Fans running, beads everywhere, Bovedas also there.
I removed some Boveda's and beads, and it helped a little...

I had some 7L Sistema's for storage reasons and I also had 3 SC shelves that you buy for about $15. I see people using these as tupperdors. As they have a nice seal around it I had the bright idea of shoving in the SC shelves, put beads in and shove it in the cooler.
it worked! Humidity has been fine, I've been looking at it regularly, the temperature is great, the humidity is rock solid at 65 - 67% RH.

I totally gave up trying to make a TE Cooler humidor work. So as I grow my selection, more Tupperware will follow. The wire shelves will go in the cooler, and Tupperware will sit on it.
This is due to summer making the cooler run more often, and Australia's electricity costs too high to make running an air conditioner 24/7 un-economical unless you're super rich. Electricity prices for us is at least $10/day without the air conditioner running. 


I really would have liked to have gotten the wine cooler working without having to get Tupperware in it. But my skills are limited to hot glue, wooden dowels, and Velcro.
But I can't. Tupperware works, and the cooler works. Humidity and temperature absolutely fine. Hasa diga eebowai.

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