Partagas Presidente 12DCRC

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This was my first Presidente - started it with some ‘Peat Faerie’ (a blend of Speyside and Islay malt whisky). I’d only given it 30 days down and it had no great aroma at cold, so I was wary. When cut, the draw was perfect (quite loose for a Cuban, but not badly so). Love the feel of it in the hand. I was glad of a precision lighter to avoid scorching the wrapper. 

From the first puff I was impressed: it got straight in there. Mild but packed with flavour, and a sensational aroma. I’d been expecting something punchy, but it wasn’t what I thought it would be (in fact, the whisky was a bit overpowering for it and I switched to brandy, which worked far better). 

As it went on, it became more creamy, and more puzzling: the flavor is so full-on, yet it is mild. Strangely reminded me of a Fonseca 1 in its sweetness, but combined with Partagas spices. Fascinating. This particular one actually beat yesterday’s Lusi.

Have to say I’m blown away, and if a couple more in the box are like that, I’m ordering more.




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