FOH Xmas & New Year Review Comp 2018 - Cohiba Piramides Extra

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I’ve been wanting to give it a go with my first Piramides Extra ever since I got a couple of 3 pack tubos on 24:24 a while back - MSU Sep 17. I figured a fine Christmas Eve afternoon in the tropics was a good excuse to set fire to one.

Being quite young, I pulled one out of its tubo a few months back to let it sit open in my humi, hoping this would help stabilize any moisture deficiencies. Draw and burn were spot on the whole way, so it seems this was a good call.

I paired this with a French press full of Maui Coffee Roasters Chocolate Mac Nut blend - mixed with some Rumchata for good measure. A perfect partner if you ask me.

The pre-light aroma of the stick was typical Cohiba goodness - cinnamon, honey and hay. I just love the smell of a Cohiba. But I prepared myself for some disappointment once lit, being such a young stick. Youthful mongrel can be a wonderful thing with some sticks, but it simply doesn’t work with Cohiba IMO.

I lit it up, and the first few puffs could go either way - nothing to write home about. But it quickly settled in to a thing of beauty - a nice balance of coffee, graham cracker, honey, and cedar. There was a slight floral element present during the first third that seemed a bit out of place, but it stayed far enough in the background to not ruin the rest of the flavors. I chalk this up to youth.

The second third saw the floral misfit disappear, and it was just an elegant mix of the flavors mentioned. This was the best part of the cigar. The ash was a perfect dark gray, and it stayed on long, only coming off at my command. Gotta love that.

As the final third progressed, a slight bitterness entered, definitely a sign of youth. Still, not enough to take over a fine showing of the Cohiba experience. 

I’m super stoked that this was such a smooth and tasty cigar for the most part, at only a little over a year. It definitely reinforces my preference for the slightly bolder taste of the Linea Classica series over the Linea 1492’s.

Aloha all! And have a Mele Kalikimaka wherever you are!  




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