FOH Xmas & New Year Review Comp 2018 Cohiba Siglo Media

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Or is it Sigla Medio? In any event, this was a freebie with a box of... something on 24x24 and it is smoking nicely on the porch. It is Christmas Eve, my dinner guests have gone home, the dishes are done and the wife is in London. The neighborhood is quiet. Not a creature is stirring except the cats who are trying to open the refrigerator to get at the leftover shrimp.  

As for the cigar, it has Cohiba DNA but is a bit young and I am a bit too full of pie (two kinds) and booze to discern flavors beyond grass, a touch of honey and tobacco.



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Ah, a prime example of inebriated posting. At least I spelled Cohiba correctly. Glad hear confirmation that they are good as I recall ordering a box in the middle of the night in London. I could not sleep and picked one up plus a box of Fundadores on one of the last 24x24 for 2018 because Rob said I'd be a fool not to. Happy Holidays to all you lot!!

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