Help! I need to fill new humidor on the cheap

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If you fill it up completely it won’t be long before there is something you really want and don’t have room for. Be prepared to have a second storage option. 

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On 10/25/2018 at 1:06 PM, MD Puffer said:

You can also fill space with Spanish Cedar pen blanks or other blocks of Spanish Cedar.  They take up space and act as a humidity reservoir.

And you can use them as dividers so your singles don't commingle.

And if you ever retire and start making pens as a hobby you'll have one foot in the pool already.


This.  Or just cheap plastic blocks (chemically neutral). Any space filler will do, for pennies.

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When I got started I went with the large cooler option. I fooled the extra space with empty cigar boxes from the local liquor store (sells them for $1). Then I spent the next 2 years replacing them with 24:24 boxes at my own pace. Now I’m onto my 2nd cooler and keep those empty boxes for 6 packs and samplers. Humidity held up great with those in there.

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