Talsman micro code question.


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Hello group, I have a question about the box, micro, codes I found on Cohiba Talismans.I'm 99 and 44/100% sure the cigars are real..

These are serial numbers from Talismans.

Habanos shows them as having a "BN" box,
"Information about the Cigar
The product is original from Habanos S.A.
HSA: 11.9204.02.1590
Descripcion: COHIBA TALISMAN BN-VW-n-10-n-10"

All Talsmans come in  "SLB" SLB-VW-C/L-5-n-10 packaging. This has to be a mistake on Habanos' part and not every box of Talismans I've seen is fake. They smell OK.

Fake or mistake?

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According to cubancigarwebsite.com they come in varnished sliding lid boxes. Also the picture in the most recent 24:24 sale are shown as being in sliding lid boxes. 

So it sounds like maybe it's a Habanos S.A. mistake on the code. 



I'm not an expert at all in this area. I'm just giving my opinion. 

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6 hours ago, Batterup said:

Fake or mistake?

Just briefly reconsider your question for a second - you'll be able to answer it for yourself....

Ever expect HSA to return a valid result, only with a different packaging code for a fake product? Like "GTB-VW-...." for varnished glass-top box ... :wink2:

Jesting aside - the code part "n-10-n-10" isn't correct either. Since the Talisman comes in two rows of 5 sticks each, it should read "...C/L-5-n-10". So, that's certainly to be attributed to CbC, i.e the dude responsible for entering the codes been too lazy to look it up precisely. They all will turn up like this. Not the first time...

You may drop HSA a line through their website, just to see what happens...

Welcome to the forum!

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It must be a mistake on Habanos part. Talismans come in a slide lid box, like the 2014 LE, with two rows of five.

Habanos shows this for the 2014


IN 2011 the LE came in a hinged box ten across, Habanos shows this for 2011.

Descripcion: COHIBA COHIBA 1966 BN-VW-n-10-n-10"

No Talismans come in a hinged box ten across. I'm surprised no one has noticed Habano's mistake except for a group in China, from what I can figure from the translation.

Thank you for the replies.


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