H. Upmann Magnum 50 MUL MAY 15 Weekend Review Competition

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What a beautiful day, low 60s and not a cloud in sight. I picked a larger cigar to take advantage of the weather.


Looking at the Magnum 50 it has a beautiful colorado wrapper. I cut the cap with a guillotine slice and take a cold draw, it seems pretty wide open. As I light the cigar the draw is very loose so I know I have to smoke this slowly. It is putting out a ton of smoke. My immediate impressions are leather and a light milk chocolate toward the end. There are some faint Christmasy baking spices mixed in as well.




Getting into the second bit of this the draw is not doing this cigar any favors, its not burning too hot but it is requiring some touch ups here and there. The flavors are a bit more astringent and still predominantly leather. I'm still getting some light milk chocolate but not much else.




I cut a little more of the cap and purge to hopefully get something else from this cigar. I am picking up some raisin now and the harshness has dissipated somewhat. There is still a chemical off taste on the finish on occasion. I don't think I want to take this cigar much further. Its kind of just hot air at this point.




I tossed the Upmann. I guess I'd score this example in the 70's. Took this Regios out of my humidor to hopefully save the afternoon. So far so good, floral and maybe a little caramel?




Anyway I'm just going to enjoy it, here is my ugly mug to bid you farewell.


Cheers guys and gals!




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Yeah I think it was a one off. It was from a 10 count box and I still have the majority of the box. I think this was just under filled. I'll give another one a try shortly.

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