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Just returned from a holiday to Tokyo and Osaka. Stayed a few nights at the end at The Palace Hotel Tokyo. The Royal Bar on ground level is cigar friendly and enjoyed a few nights there, sampling a few Japanese Whiskies, cocktails and Champaign while enjoying some cigars I brought with me - a CORO, HU connie A, HU PC. I also purchased a Trini Vigia and a CORO there. Can recommend the service and bar ambience.








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The hotel is rebuilt in 2011, its reputation for rare whiskies and some classic cocktails, also it's cigar friendly.

The bar was bigger before, thankfully current building they built in 2011 has nearly every rooms with terrace, a nice view to Emperor's house plaza. You can pick smoking room, or just smoke in outside (dandy terrace of your room). 

There's a wine shop on B1, with some local wines, sake, I normally bought some and took them to my terrace with some puffs every hours except sleeping on bed. The best place/hotel for me in Main station area.

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