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Hello everyone, 

It's nice to see a community like this! Got in to cigars before I got married, had my dad take me to a lounge for my bachelor party. Still new to cigars and definitely fresh to the CC world. Just had my first Cuban the other day, the San cristobal principe. It was for sure the best tasting cigar I've had since I started with cigars. Very excited to see what else is out there. 

If anyone has any recommendations based on my taste for the San Cristobal principe, please let me know! Have a great day and happy smoking.


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I grew up in the Bay Area, in the little city of Martinez! I now reside in Merced. I prefer the Valley. I can't do traffic anymore. It drives me insane! What parts of the Bay are you from? One of the things I miss most about the Bay Area is the open water swimming. I used to partake in swims out in the Bay with a groups of people on the weekends. Great times!

I put a order in for some more singles and RASCC is one of them. I prefer shorter and smaller ring gauges. I don't usually have more than an hour to burn.

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Guest robertsccr5

Martinez huh? We got our butts handed to us in football against the Alhambra Bulldogs. They were a big team.

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