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Hello All

I found cigars about 8 years ago fly fishing but it was a simple 5-pack of Rocky Patels in a tin and enjoyments were more about the aroma and novelty than anything.

Then 4 years ago my father in-law gifted me my first humidor and it was stuffed with Thompson's specials. It didn't matter as it sparked more curiosity into the cigar world.

Finally a My Fathers La Flor De Antillas opened the door to greener pastures.  I had nubbed my first cigar and it was great.

The dark side started to cast it's shadow on me 3 years ago in the Dominican Republic when i realized i couldn't find an authentic cuban stick.  Since then I chased and found the real deal and was lucky the Monte 4 tasted great after 3 weeks of rest - the PSD4 was OK.  My PSD4 came to life this year at Bandon Dunes.  I said out loud to myself "lovely". 

It was then I decided to get going on this project.  A stressful job - new baby - and four legged smoking buddy.

Now here I am.

Smokes Up.



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