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This post was more an escape from the day to day.

Currently in the office in Manhattan today until 6pm whilst the snow piles up outside where most didn't show or have already left for the day, dealing with silly people and managing a team isn't where I want to be right now. Thinking of the HSA discontinuations and how annoying that is, what strategy to take to stock up on these.

Dreaming of 19 days time - my first trip to the Island 90 miles south of Florida by direct flight there.Itinerary is pretty much set and I manage to get hold of a gala ticket (yes it's so pricey)..

I do fear the masses that week - will I be likely able to get any custom rolls if not pre-ordered or regionals?

Stuck in this rat race for what..some days (like today) I wonder what am I doing and is it really worth it?

Looking forward to meeting some FoH crew and smoking way too many cigars.

Tick, tock, tick, tock....oh an hour or so till 24:72! :lol:

Post/rant over.

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