Review or reminiscence of C.E. BECK ALBAS


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Two years ago Nino gifted me a single C.E. Beck ALBAS from the 50-ies out of the historic collection of MRN.

i always thought I will smoke it on a special occasion. So it was yesterday to remind someone special to me, my beloved mother.

and yes I was afraid to smoke such an old cigar. Like I will be afraid of tasting a bottle of Bordeaux worth 500$. Not so sure if I am able to taste the difference.

Sometimes you have to face your fear, so I lit up my demon



First puffs - hmm well it's a cigar. 

I was astonished how present this cigar was. Very creamy, taste of leather and chilli.

my thoughts had been drifted away back to the 50-ies. WWII were just over. All nation were recovering, people were starving, people were starting to travel into foreign countries again. Traveling these day was more an adventure, took them 3 days to travel by train to get to Nice. 

My mother was in her beginning 20-ies full of dreams and hopes, as everybody was, as everybody is today in this age. Hopefully!


i found the cigar still strong. The creaminess set the pace. It's a steam monster? it really produce a big amount of smoke. 

The wealth of a lot of nation had been set up in 50-ies. People had worked for 6 days in a week. People produced real things like cars, washing machines. Journalism was a honorable job. Jobs like a book printer were well paid jobs and existing.



image.jpegComing to the last third - still creamy, very fragrant and hints of cimamon are present.

being very grateful to all the hard works our mothers & fathers and grandparents had done. We should spend more time with them and hug them more often.


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