H Upmann Petite Coronas MEG MAR 16: D/C cigar review weekend

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Herin follows my notes on the HUPC enjoyed this evening:


Sweet tobacco at cold. A touch of barnyard goodness. There's a hint of sweetness like ive smelled in a chewing tobacco pouch before.  Stick is fairly firm save for under the band where it is quite soft. 
I'll be looking for Hurltim's shortbread and coffee.  Fire it up!
There's a tanginess in the nose upon lighting. So far I like the smoke, but I cannot identify flavors at this point. Smoke is smooth, and there is an ample supply of it. 
Ash is a nice off-white. Burn thus far is razor sharp. 
Definitely get scents of breadiness.  Not sure it's shortbread, but again I like it.  Perhaps some coffee beans roasting way in the background, but definitely not in the forefront of the flavor profile at this point. 
Cedar has become present, and a goodly amount of it too. Still perfect burn at the half.  And I'll go with the "sourdough" description.  Fits here with the tanginess.  Stick went out once at the 1/3 mark (surprisingly) and relight picked right up where it left off. 
No question an H Upmann cigar.   Have noted the same flavors in other of their vitolas.  Cigar has been very smooth from start to finish. Mild body with medium flavor profile. Also, I'm of the opinion that this cigar will be even better several years from now.  Have four boxes in inventory and will likely pick up several more as opportunity presents itself. 





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